Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When I think, I`m useless..

Without Allah, we are nothing. 
Always ask for His forgiveness for all ur wrongdoings!
Don`t be too arrogant by ignore Allah. Especially, when you are happy..
0h my... My english is so suck beb! 
Just let myself to do this.. Otherwise, my english will be always suck and bad. So, i`ve to practice often.. Thanx to support me..

Right now!! I really need somebody to be here with me! 
And, HUG me tightly...
Lend her shoulder and let me cry... 
Ya Allah, Help me to be stronger. I just really can`t face this situation by myself! 
Please someone.. I can`t bear it any more..
Keliru, bimbang, Risau, Sedih..

Kata-kata semangat kau mana weh?!
Just stop  it, 0k!
Be strong girl! And, Stop crying.. 
Look forward n stop that negative thinking..
Pray harder to Allah
May Allah always bless us

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