Thursday, August 25, 2011

It Seems to be spread by its own

Opsss, just ignore my bad english~ 
(Ceit, dah tahu teruk.. nak jugak cakap english tuh.. But, Practices make Perfect right!! Hehe)
Nothing much to say.
But, those 'rumours' are seem to be all over the spaces.
I'm still don't want to talk too much.
Still being like this.
Just want to shut my mouth.
N be safe in my pocket.
Sometimes, I feel so terrible because acting like this....
Make my friends wondering and keep asking...

Haha.. Aku sangat jahat..
Maaflah sebab tak bekerjasama dengan soalan-soalan korg~

Err, just wait and see. 
Then, you will be listening from me..

Aku ni memang tak abis dengan ayat tunggu dan lihat tu je.. 
Hehe... Sabor Je La~

Alhamdulillah.... It`s going smoothly...

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