Thursday, September 25, 2014

Leader is not being the boss. Supposely shouldn't.

-Nouman Ali Khan-
Real leadership is about building people up and empowering them. 
Many leaders feel that empowering someone else will reduce their own authority. 
I ask you: When Rasulallah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam empowered the sahaba, did that take away from his authority or did it empower him?

Not everybody born to be a leader. Not everyone can be a good follower.

Without a leader, there's nobody can be a follower.
Without a follower, it's impossible to create a leader.

Let us create, a multi level leadership! Haha

-Kak Faezah Hasnor-

Fuhhh... *Eh, Sedut semula*
Kutip semula semangat yang dah tergolek tercicir mana entah sepanjang cuti lepas ni.

~Counting days~

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